2017 is Interlinkx CiC & CC Hackney's tenth year.

Interlinx CiC, is also responsible for CC Hackney's HQ/house and home as well as leading on fund raising & community outreach. It's been ten years since founding in 2007. Our partner organisation (CC Hackney) came into being later in the same year.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Thames visit number two...

As the group was bigger this time we decided to keep it simple and follow the same route as the last occasion we visited the Thames by Docklands .
We did manage to fit in two handicap scratch races across Hackney Marsh after witnessing some live Invicta Games cycling action at the Velopark on the way back.
All in all another rewarding Freesport sponsored outing where our group enjoyed a variety of environments and demonstrated their skills and social awareness in shared spaces on the way.