2017 is Interlinkx CiC & CC Hackney's tenth year.

Interlinx CiC, is also responsible for CC Hackney's HQ/house and home as well as leading on fund raising & community outreach. It's been ten years since founding in 2007. Our partner organisation (CC Hackney) came into being later in the same year.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Social get together at Fawcett garage 8

Friday evening 15th August - we had a club social for regular members friends and family. There were sounds, visuals, food and drink. Also passing through were some of our neighbours (no noise complaints!) who got to know us better and not just as cycle enthusiasts.
Music was played on the resident community set 'Made in Hackney Sound' as a sound test for future events and functions, out and about.