2017 is Interlinkx CiC & CC Hackney's tenth year.

Interlinx CiC, is also responsible for CC Hackney's HQ/house and home as well as leading on fund raising & community outreach. It's been ten years since founding in 2007. Our partner organisation (CC Hackney) came into being later in the same year.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fawcett lads Ray & Toby reach HASVC for a test ride - 22.09.15

 Hackney After School Velodrome Club (HASVC) had some new comers on 22nd September, two of them were Ray & Toby who had made their own way down to the Lea Valley Vellodrome to have a go at track training for the first time. They both took to the boards naturally like it was some thing they do daily - well done Ray & Toby. I did say to our coaches that both of them practically live on bikes:)
 Asked if they and enjoyed the ride and would they come again? Simple answers: "YES!" that's on two counts. 

They both appreciated that this opportunity is currently 100% funded thanks to the great support received from CC Hackney (admin coaching) Young Hackney (out reach & finance) Freesport (Mayor of London) Lea Valley Velopark Trust (the track plus equipment) and Interlinkx CiC (finance management & out reach)
Ray learning the ropes.