2017 is Interlinkx CiC & CC Hackney's tenth year.

Due to Covid 19 virus all club face to face activities are suspended until further notice. Please check CC Hackney's website for news updates and how to stay in touch during this period.

The news in 2020 is that Interlinkx has been
converted from a community interest company
into a charitable incorporated organisation under the terms of the Charitable Incorporated Organisations (Conversion) Regulations. In the process of conversion, the organisation has changed its name to Cycling Club Hackney CIO. Meanwhile, the community amateur sports club called Cycling Club Hackney has been wound up and has gifted its assets to CC Hackney CiO

Interlinx CiC, was responsible for CC Hackney'sHQ/house and home as well as leading on fund raising
& community outreach. In 2017 was the ten year anniversary since founding in 2007. Our partner organisation
(CC Hackney) came into being later in the same year.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Latest special workshop tool makes it to the blog...

Thursday 3rd December 2015
The new seat post circumference measuring tool got used at Fawcett Garage 8 for the first time. It was tested on youth peer leader Henry Boateng's project run around bmx bike. We found the right size but we're still short of the right seat post!

Right honerable Patrick Field and young el Capitano Henry Boateng

Monday, 7 December 2015

Wall of fame - tag your name

The left side wall inside Fawcett Garage 8 is adorned with the tags of many project members dating back from the beginning in 2007. This wall was left undisturbed during the refurbishment in 2015 as a way of preserving Interlinkx CiC's history that is on-going positive engagements with Hackney's young bike riders.

Express yourself with your name

Fawcett Bike club - something unique going on here

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Concorde Saturday group 28th November

Interlinkx CiC sponsored riders were out checking the new Loop Road that links ways through QE Park. This makes an interesting circuit around the 2012 Olympic stadium that is soon to be West Ham United FCs new ground.
There were a few cars on the road and the three sets of traffic lights were more often than not Working in our favour. 
Part of our training session was exercising standing starts for building leg power. But we actually did flying starts to day because of the head wind conditions riders were facing.

After training we headed back over to our regular cafe; Mapps in Hackney Wick for hot chocolate and toast.

Friday, 20 November 2015

We're in

Interlinkx CiC staff and members would like to thank Hackney Homes management for resolving our Gerda door 'lockout' situation at Fawcett Youth & Community Bike Club quickly - thank you!

Meanwhile other doors were opening in another part of East London: Two young Interlinkx CiC & CC Hackney members Ryan da Costa & Israel Oketade were rewarded for their commitment to cycle sport training at the Concorde Centre on Kingsmead Estate Hackney. They were invited to attend a session of the London Six day race at Lea Valley Velodrome. One day perhaps they could return as six day track riders?! Well anything is possible at their age, little steps...

Keir - Israel - Ryan - Giuliana


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

...last Thursday's lockout

Apologies to members and guests for last Thursday's lockout; we were unable to open up because one of our Gerda door locks had failed. We've had six years without a lock hitch, not that bad. We expect to have this situation rectified ahead of our next session date Thursday 12th November.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Comedy images from the past - 20.10.11

Deshaune Hughes the entertainer! And Jaques Tati from France

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fawcett lads Ray & Toby reach HASVC for a test ride - 22.09.15

 Hackney After School Velodrome Club (HASVC) had some new comers on 22nd September, two of them were Ray & Toby who had made their own way down to the Lea Valley Vellodrome to have a go at track training for the first time. They both took to the boards naturally like it was some thing they do daily - well done Ray & Toby. I did say to our coaches that both of them practically live on bikes:)
 Asked if they and enjoyed the ride and would they come again? Simple answers: "YES!" that's on two counts. 

They both appreciated that this opportunity is currently 100% funded thanks to the great support received from CC Hackney (admin coaching) Young Hackney (out reach & finance) Freesport (Mayor of London) Lea Valley Velopark Trust (the track plus equipment) and Interlinkx CiC (finance management & out reach)
Ray learning the ropes.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Interlinkx CiC - supporting grass roots cycle sport in Hackney.

Saturday 11th July 2015.
Hackney Downs and CC Hackney's Go-Race Grass Track event, including the Nightingale regulars and a solid CC Hackney contingent from the Concorde Centre's bike station. This event was delivered by CC Hackney and supported by Interlinkx CiC as part of the drive to bring in more of Hackney's would be sporting cyclists; those that would otherwise not join in if it weren't for ICiC's encouragement & positive interventions.

Hakeem, Israel & Ryan overseen by ICiC & CC Hackney coach Jevon Taylor
Ryan Da Costa winning the warm-uo Keirin

Scratch race action...

Summer is here and time is right for cycling in the street.

Fawcett Bike Club had peek attendance last Thursday (see pic) Members were on hand, getting busy for cycling in the summer time; a must do activity of course. We also had a new group of young lads looking to get the most out of their bikes. All of this was a coincidence as there was a new crop of fifteen 2nd hand cycles in house thanks to a fire sale at a recently closed down bike shop in Homerton. Little time, so much to do!

Even with the clamour to get on members took time out to feed back with comments and quotes for Fawcett Youth & Community Bike Club: 

Muhammad Kansara (9 years old)

“I like to ride with my older brothers, I maintain it with help at Fawcett Bike Club AMAZING PLACE TO COME AND LEARN THANKS FOR THIS”

My name is Omari Genesis, (18) I live in Fawcett Estate and I cycle on my bike various times throughout the week. I think it is very enjoyable and also very good exercise precisely why I think this bike scheme is a brilliant idea in the community.

Omari - long time Fawcett Bike Club member since the beginning class of 2007.

Raymond Agaba 14 years. I really enjoy bike club as I intend on being an engineer when I'm older so this is a good experience. I also like how you can just come in and be attend to quickly and fix your bike. Since coming here I have learnt much more about engineering and bikes.

Deshaun Hughes (18) I must be the longest consistent member coming to the bike youth bike project since 2007 and its not just a bike project its somewhere that make anyone a better person over the years I have seen the club grow within numbers

Geoffrey – I have learnt how to fix a bike on my own the staff members are very helpful I hope this club continues because it benefits young people

David Frempong – born in 2002. My bike was broken and being in this club had produced me a lot of progress and commitment to bikes. I think joining this club will help me in the future with an numerous amount of things and I say a big thank you to all staff.

Fawcett Estate.


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Friday, 3 April 2015

Everything comes to those who wait...

Last night and finally Fawcett regular youngster David gets what he's patiently been waiting and hoping for and for quite some time; a half decent rebuilt bike to ride to school on and enjoy whenever. 
David - "by watching and helping this bike come to life I've learned a lot about cycle mechanics"

Monday, 9 February 2015

Relaunch event at Fawcett last Thursday 06.02.15

Some images taken by Interlinkx CiC director Giuliana Molinari during our well attended relaunch event at Fawcett last Thursday, 
many thanks to Hackney Homes for managing the refurbishment and for setting up a great spread of healthy food supplied by Shades.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Light, heat, new paint, hot and cold running water.

Our base has now been smartened up, thanks to generous sponsors and landlords Hackney Homes. As well as new paint on the ceiling, walls and floor - the wall of fame was left for posterity at Keir's wise suggestion - we have a nice new work bench, two wooden bench seats and a sink with hot water to wash our hands.

This week (January 29th) we'll continue to unpack the tools and stock that was packed up for the works.

Next Thursday (February 5th) will be a little launch PARTY. Why not come along and have a look?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Fawcett Garage 8 - refurbishment relaunch: Thursday 5th February 6-8pm

To celebrate the fine job that Hackney Homes has done at Fawcett Garage 8 in  refurbishment our relaunch event is set Thursday 5th February 6-8pm. 
Do come along meet the team and regulars and see the improvement for yourself.

Many thanks to Hub Velo of Clapton Pond who have donated high quality Parktool mechanics bike stand. It is pictured here in the recently cleared workshop garage in preparation for the painters to come in and brighten the place. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Racing bike ready QT seeing is believing - well done Hub Velo!

After the fund raiser the came the delivery call...
Many thanks to Mike Mooney and Gary Boyd of Hub Velo. It is they who did such rapid and sterling work to produce the light weight Dolan racing bike pictured in the hands of two of it's future riders: Hassan Ire & Ryan Da Costa, who are CCH members from coming from the Concorde Centre on Kingsmead Estate.

The hand over presentation took place earlier today at the Lee Valley Road Circuit.