Thursday, 24 April 2014

spring into summertime

Everything is much nicer up at our base now the evenings are light.

We celebrated with attempts at riding a bike with asymmetric cranks. Why must they be parallel 180 degrees apart? Can 90 + 270 work?

Having just checked and tuned one of the new club bikes it was set-up with this novelty specification.

You can ride it, with a bit of practice but the general consensus is that it's not an improvement.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Happy dad - an even happier son with a bike to take home

Fawcett Estate Garage 8 - Thursday 6th March
By the end of this evening's session Yousef's son was delighted with his bike.
It was given to him by Interlinkx CiC after a thorough recondition service by Patrick & Moshe. What goes around comes back as local resident and regular attendee Yousef had previously donated two cycles to the project.

Moshe & Patrick look pleased to have been of service.

Too many bikes - a wait for ages and 30 come along all at once

After a long delay with empty cupboards we are now embarrassed with too many bikes. A wait for ages and 30 come along all at once.

Well it's a good problem to have and something of a tonic putting life back into Fawcett Bike Club. Many thanks to Bike Works for the bulk of this supply. The handling charge was paid for by Hackney Homes who deserve a shout for this too - thank you Sonia!

Additional second hand cycles were donated by A & S Cycles - thanks again for all of this; it's much appreciated especially I'm sure, by those young people and club members who have earned one of these half decent machines to take home to put to good use.    

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fawcett Bike Club session - 6th February

Pictures taken during the Fawcett Bike Club session on 6th February:

Stand back while Patrick makes Moshe's bike rack box attachment safe


Saturday, 8 February 2014

New cycle base in Homerton

It's arrived.
Last Friday 7th February 2014, about nine years after the idea was first dreamt of (worth having - worth waiting for) our bike store & workshop space was delivered at the Concorde Centre Youth Club on Kingsmead Estate.
This part of Hackney now has a solid, secure & safe metal box for tools, bikes and our renewable energy power system to be supplied by Magnificent Revolution. Over the next weeks and into the spring, this facility will be stocked and supplied with what it needs to serve as a quality training space where members of the community will be able to access structured cycle maintenance and cycle riding sessions.
Hackney Marsh Partnership (HMP) and Young Hackney (YH) have been supporting this development with HMP providing the ground space while YH manages key delivery staff.
A healthy number of interested stakeholders has been formed who have been meeting regularly to discuss how to manage and run bike clubs from here. 


This weekend a new shipping container to serve local cycling needs for the area of Clapton Park and Kingsmead estates has been delivered and placed into the Concorde Centre Youth Club yard.  It's been a long time coming. The funding for this was sourced by Interlinkx CiC back in 2008, It came from the REAP grant scheme that was made available to the locality as a way of balancing the loss of the South Marsh to make way for the 2012 London Olympic car park. The original plan was to set up a development facility for skate boarding and cycling activities under the East Cross flyover at the eastern side of Mabley Green on Lea Conservancy Road. This project got shelved  due to a late planning permission issue but happily a centre will open close by; The project under the flyover was to be named 'The Bridge' '

This new space will be hub for cycling enthusiasts to access cycle mechanic training and a meeting place to go on organised, structured cycling trips and tailored to suit coaching sessions for all abilities and ages. This place is set to serve as a day to day cycling facility and a launch pad for those heading over to the soon to be opened Lea Valley VeloPark that is just up the road. 

Keir Apperley (Interlinkx CiC)

Friday, 31 January 2014

News on project bikes

The cupboard is bare...

Interlinkx CiC has ordered 20 second hand cycles to be supplied by Bike Works from Bethnal Green. They will need a clean & service when they arrive. The plan is for our members to work in pairs to restore half of these to good working order. These are to become fleet cycles that will live at the Fawcett Garage 8 for our spring & summer rides out and for community use on loan. Each bike will be branded and numbered. 
Members who have completed their positive contribution will be eligible to work on restoring their own cycle from what remains.