2017 is Interlinkx CiC & CC Hackney's tenth year.

Interlinx CiC, is also responsible for CC Hackney's HQ/house and home as well as leading on fund raising & community outreach. It's been ten years since founding in 2007. Our partner organisation (CC Hackney) came into being later in the same year.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Haben & Okubit visit Fawcett

Haben & Okubit
CC Hackney members and avid sports cyclists Haben & Okubit visited Fawcett bike club for the first time yesterday evening. Haben was happy to take care of an unwanted city bike that had been left hanging there for ages. It's a useful A to B ride for him now that he'll be using for getting to and from collage, social visits and shopping. 
Cycles and cycling are steeped in Eritrean culture, the people from there are appreciative and knowledgeable about bikes. Okubit helped Haben sort out the headset, brakes and saddle due to the need of replacement gear changer (It's stuck in top gear for now) but next week he is coming back to set up the Sturmey Archer 3spd gear system.

UPDATE - one week later & Haben's town bike is in gear(s) x3

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