2017 is Interlinkx CiC & CC Hackney's tenth year.

Interlinx CiC, is also responsible for CC Hackney's HQ/house and home as well as leading on fund raising & community outreach. It's been ten years since founding in 2007. Our partner organisation (CC Hackney) came into being later in the same year.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Fawcett bike club restart proper - Tuesday 21st May - and the new improved system 5-7pm

After a lay off during the Easter holidays and some time to recruit, tidy up and rearrange things in the garage, Fawcett is ready to go again with a new system and staff in place. Now visitors are to register as Cycling Club Hackney members and we are to operate a booking system where attendees go into a book with a brief description of what they would like to work with on their cycles and what they want to learn and achieve the following week. 
Two smaller groups will then do two one hour shifts to ensure a higher standard engagement, productivity and learning outcomes.  

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